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What in the world?!

Ohhhkkay...so I'm a bit in shock about my evening. I guess there is a first time for everything. Let me start at the beginning. I finally went to see 'The Lord of the Rings' tonight with my family. So I offered to take a book and wait for hours in an obnoxiously long line while my sister and parents shopped and walked around. We bought tickets, and off I went to sit in line. After waiting in line for hours we finally got let into the theater. My family joined me and we waited another forty-five minutes in the theater. Then the movie began. The theater was full and their must have been fifteen previews before the film actually started. We were watching the movie, which was very good by the way, and all of a sudden we hear yelling coming from some guys in the back of the theater. I have no idea what they are yelling about, only that it had absolutely nothing to do with the movie and that is wasn't very nice words they were using with each other. Then after a few minutes of yelling back and forth they decide they should fight with their fists, just right there in the isle of the movie theater, with a full theater of people, attempting to watch a movie they paid nine dollars for and waited hours in line to see. So the guys were fighting and someone yelled something about a gun and then women and children began to flee from the theater. Finally the manager of the theater comes in with many employees and they ask everyone to calm down, turn the movie off, and break up the fight. Once they got the fighters out of the theater, the manager apologized and assured us we would all get free tickets as we exited the show. (Can you believe that over 200 people got free tickets because some stupid punks decided to fight in a movie?!) He explained that there was no rewind button, because it is film and therefore whatever we missed, was missed and they would start the movie from where it left off. People calmed down, the movie continued, and then we all got free tickets, but it was one of the strangest, most immature things I have ever witnessed. I just thought I would share that exciting, interesting event. That's all I have time for tonight though. I haven't been feeling very well, so it's back to recovering and resting so hopefully my headache and sore throat go away before Christmas. Happy Sunday!
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