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Road Trip, Movies, Shopping...basically just an update

I hope you'd be glad to know that everything that was lost in my last entry has been found (with the exception of my favorite tank top, but I solved that dilema...I bought a new one). I've had a busy week. My sister is visiting from New York. She came in last Wednesday and we've been spending quite a bit of time together. I'm disappointed that I only have a week with her...I'm leaving on Thursday for Seattle. I am excited that I am leaving though. I am ready to be back at school, plus I get to spend a few days with one of my very best friends! We are going on a road trip!! We only have a couple days, but I think we are planning on going to Monterey and Carmel and fun places along the coast. We don't get to spend a lot of time together during the year, because of distance, so that makes this trip that much more exciting and special. I miss her so much! Hmm...I'm trying to think of what I've done this week. I finally broke down and saw that movie Signs. For some reason it really didn't look appealing to me, but I actually thought it was kinda funny. I went with Lacey and Athina...and I think Lacey was a bit embarrassed. Athina was getting really scared and yelling in the movie theater and then we were walking around like green aliens after the movie and repeating lines and making jokes. We were really hyper...but I think that happens when you don't get out of a movie until 1am. And that wasn't the end of my night. We went to pick Lacey's boyfriend and his roommates up at a bar, so they weren't driving after they'd been drinking (Yay!...it makes me happy when people plan ahead for a designated driver). Anyway, we went back to his place and his roommate was cracking me up. We played cards for a few minutes and then got bored with it, but this guy wouldn't stop talking. He is from Washington, somewhat near Seattle, so he had a million questions for me about places I'd been and places I should go. He is from a small town, and very traditional when it comes to men treating women a certain way, and he loves hard work...it was kind of nice to talk with a man who respects women so much. It's sad to say that is hard to come by, but I have to say it can be, especially in a non-Christian atmosphere. Anyhow, we stayed over there until past 3am and then I had to drive all the way home (about 20 miles north), but I made it safe and slept quite well. I'm worried about the sleeping schedule I've gotten myself used to. I've been sleeping in way too late. I decided that I have to force myself to get up early tomorrow, and then I'll be tired early tomorrow night and then I can be on a regular schedule again. I have really been enjoying my time off though. I needed time to relax and get myself prepared for the coming year. God has been teaching me so much in this time I've had to really focus on Him and spend time in His word. I have loved not having any commitments or responsibilities while I've been home. I don't get that very often, and I doubt I'll have it again for awhile. There is always something, whether it is school, or a job. Um...I've been shopping a bit. I love my grandparents! Not only because they take me shopping, but they are so much fun to be around. My grandpa is the cutest, sweetest old man in the entire world. I've spent a lot of time with them while I've been home. We've gone to lunch at least once a week, and then the traditional once a week dinner with my parents and grandparents, and today they took my sister and I shopping. My grandma went with my sister, and that meant I got to spend the afternoon with my grandpa. He was so cute. He just stood around and waited for me and didn't attempt to help me pick anything out. And then he slowly wondered over to the men's shoe section to occupy the waiting time. I don't usually take very long, especially when I am looking for specific things. The time I spend with them is so precious. Plus I got some very practical clothes, and some really cute pj's. This is getting long, but I wanted to update because it's been awhile, and most likely will be awhile again, because I am leaving in two days and will be on the road. Well...Happy Monday!!
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