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LA is okay

I've been in LA for the past couple days. I will say that LA is okay. I had a pretty good time. Well, the reason I went up there was to visit a friend and his parents. He is starting school at Azusa Pacific University on Wednesday, and he is from Portland, Or. So, his parents drove him down and they got into LA on Thursday. The plan was for me to meet them and go to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the day on Friday, and then I wanted to check out Azusa Pacific campus and see his room, etc. All went as planned. It's always interesting to be introduced to new people by Ryan. He usually comes up with some clever title for me...I've been introduced as his fiance many times, but this weekend, for some reason I've reached the status of wife, oh and his cousin. How those two things work together are beyond me, but I think he just likes to get reactions out of people...and the look on my face (of total embarrassment) is probably worth it enough for him. Anyhow, Magic Mountain was a blast! My body was very angry with me after 8 hours of walking and standing, standing and walking, but it was all in all a wonderful day. The weather was perfect, the lines were short, and the rides were fun. The only thing I would've done differently was...avoiding Roaring Rapids! Oh did I pick the wrong seat. Out of twelve people in the raft, Ryan and I were the only two who seemed to be getting wet. I had three waves go entirely over my head. I was drenched...I mean DRENCHED...from head to toe! It ruined my belt...sad, and wet jeans aren't very much fun, but I dried and all was well in a couple hours. So, after a full day at Magic Mountain, we sat down to a nice dinner, where the guys decided they would try to embarrass us as much as possible by yelling strange things to the entire restaurant, or laughing obnoxiously...and then we headed back to the hotel, where we immediately fell asleep. Today, we went to Azusa, helped Ryan get settled, and then when the orientation and speakers were about to start blabbing, I decided that was my cue to head home. So I drove my two hours back to San Diego, and took a little nap. Then I met some friends for coffee (or tea in my case). It was so nice to see them again. It was a friend of mine who was in my youth group at church, who now has a beautiful baby girl, and her little sister, and another friend who I went to high school with. Anyway, it was nice to chat with them and get caught up, especially about the pregnancy and baby and everything. And I, of course, offered to babysit for free anytime she needed. I love babies and therefore would watch anyone's baby for free anytime of the day or night, just to clear that up.
Um...I got a phone call after that sentence, and completely lost my train of thought. Let's see...I just had an amazing phone conversation. I love friends that you can talk to...or sit with...and you always feel encouraged and glad you spoke with or sat with them. I am so blessed for the few good friendships that I do have. I couldn't ask for more perfect people in my life. It isn't that the people themselves are perfect, but just that God knew exactly who I would need in my life at exactly the time I would need them, and He placed them there. I can look back and see the moment that He placed them in my life and now understand why...and I am so thankful! Yay for friends! I feel confused about what day it is. I keep forgetting that it is Saturday and that my sister is coming to town in four days, and how fast my time has gone by at home. I think the drive back to Seattle is definitely going to sneak up on me. Wow, I think this is getting pretty long...so I'll stop..save some thoughts for tomorrow that might be a bit more entertaining to read. Goodnight!
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