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Beautiful, Wonderful, Fabulous Day!

It's Wednesday...and oh what a Wednesday it was! I had this dream last night. I can't describe it, but it made me giddy all day long. I've been seeing God's beauty and feeling His romance in everything I do today. I finally went to the beach, and I just closed my eyes and listened to the waves. It was so peaceful, and at the same time beautiful and powerful! God spoke, and creation was...and is! Those same waves, that same beautiful sound. It was all created for us to get a glimpse of God's beauty and glory. I've known it, but today I felt it in a new way. I acknowledged it and stood in awe of God's creation. It was such an incredible day! I have been praying about why I am home. I feel like I have had a negative attitude about being home and bored, when I came home because I felt God telling me to. I think I forgot that's why I came home. I forgot to ask Him what He wants me to do while I'm here. I started asking today. I still am not sure, and I might not know until I leave why I am here, but I feel like I finally have a positive outlook on being home. And boredom will no longer be an issue. I am going to find creative ways to use my time, even if that is simply going places I have never been and seeing things I have never seen and experiencing God's glory and beauty new and fresh. I feel encouraged and blessed to have this time at home. I'm excited to see how putting away my bad attitude will change my remaining time here. I am looking forward to going back, but I'm not dreading today...which is a wonderful feeling. Today was full of fun too. I had this project that I was working on all day. I like to call it 'Baking in a Bikini'. The weather was very warm, and baking in warm weather makes you even more warm, so basically, I threw on a bikini and blasted some music and baked yummy treats. It was fun, and then I gathered things I had to take to the post office, which was also fun. And then I went to the post office and talked with this wonderful woman in line. She was complimenting my package...because it was all pretty and taped nice and her package was a mess...it was really funny. Anyhow, I explained that I took extra time because I am trying to impress a boy...and we laughed and she made a few more comments. Then I helped her carry one of her boxes, she had two huge ones full of books...and she was like, 'I'm so glad I commented on your boyfriends package' and I wanted to laugh...first of all because I don't have a boyfriend and second for her choice of words...haha. It felt kind of nice for someone to think I had a boyfriend. Anyhow, I think that's all I feel like writing tonight. I have to get up early tomorrow...so I'm off to sleep! Goodnight!
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