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There is probably a reason why some movies are unrated

My head hurts very badly. I finally gave in and took some medicine, but it hasn't kicked in yet. I don't mind when your head hurts and you are tired and can fall asleep and wake up without your head hurting, but I'm not tired. I slept in really late today, so I have at least a few more hours before I will be tired enough to sleep. Oh well. Hopefully the medicine will kick in. I just watched the most disturbing, ridiculous movie! It's called 'The sweetest thing' or something like that. And I was under the impression it was a love story and a story about two friends on a mission to find this guy she's in love with...and boy was I mistaken?! It was so gross! These girls were really trashy and at one point in the movie they actually sang a song about certain body parts belonging to men. How inappropriate is that?! I didn't know that movies could actually be so crude. They should have named the movie something else. Anyhow, I was shocked and actually confused why I didn't turn it off in the middle. It wasn't bad the entire way through, and these bad parts, I didn't really see coming. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone though. If you haven't seen it already...please don't! There is probably a good reason why some movies are unrated...it's a warning not to see it. Well, sad to say, that was the most interesting part of my day. I got my computer back with a brand new hard drive, which was equally exciting and frustrating. I couldn't figure out how to get some things working, such as my email...but I am blessed to have friends who know way too much about computers...and if they can't help, they know someone who can, so I got it all figured out. I sorted through pictures yesterday. I found some really wonderful picture boxes, so now I can actually get organized and throw away those old photo albums with those sticky pages, do you know what I'm talking about? Anyway, I found some hilarious pictures from my childhood that I cannot wait to show my friends at school. Old pictures are so much fun! I wish I remembered to take more pictures. I am thinking about asking for a nice camera for my birthday. I have quite a long time before my birthday, but I like to think about things like that far in advance. I think I am going to rest and see if that helps the ache in my head. Happy Friday!
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